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Restaurant Suppression System

Fires are more likely to start in a restaurant than any other type of business. It’s no surprise due to the use of ovens and stoves. When a fire starts, it’s important to suppress it as soon as possible. That’s the main purpose of restaurant suppression system. If you need a restaurant suppression system, come to Pyrene Fire Protection!

Water can’t put out grease fires, and a fire extinguisher can ruin all of your food and produce. Thankfully, a restaurant suppression system is able to put out fires quickly and efficiently. How does it work? A hood is placed over the cooking station and gas line that runs through the cooking station. If the suppression system is set off, it shuts off the gas line which eliminates the fuel source for the fire. The rest of the restaurant suppression system is designed to put out flames. Don’t be caught without the proper protection when a fire starts – call Pyrene Fire Protection for a restaurant suppression system today!